Professional planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project.

  • Initial Design Concepts
  • Feasibility Schemes
  • Detailed Design
  • Planning Applications
  • Working Drawings
  • Building Regulation Applications
  • Specifications
  • Building Surveys
  • Conveyance Plans
  • Standard and Bespoke Construction Details


  • We engage with your Land Team at the earliest opportunity , identifying constraints and formulating the accommodation mix and house type distribution
  • We prepare a Feasibility Sketch together with a synopsis of efficiency stating coverage, density and average unit size
  • We communicate with your team during this process with feedback on plot efficiency and suggestions for maximising coverage
  • We revisit schemes until we produce a scheme that meets your exact requirements
  • We will indentify any positive additions in the house type range
  • We deliver to your deadlines
  • Colour enhanced schemes can be supplied for Board discussion , Vendor approval or initial discussions with Local Authorities


From a Topological survey ,we prepare CAD generated Estate Layouts with the following attributes……….

  • Reflect planning policy in terms of aspects and space
  • Indicate types , plot numbers and identify handings
  • Indicate grassed areas and external works , fence types , gates and private footpaths and shared drives
  • Indicate a full and comprehensive key to drawn components
  • Indicate a full accommodation schedule
  • Embed by layer the conveyance data
  • Embed by layer survey data for setting out


  • Embrace good plotting efficiency
  • Have kerb appeal
  • Add value to the overall sense of place
  • Are cost efficient
  • Have ease of build
  • Drive margins
  • Are functional
  • Meet the aspirations of home buyers
  • Meet sustainability codes
  • Suit RSL specifications
  • Reflect Affordability provisions
  • Meet Lifetime Homes requirements
  • Indicate finished imperial and metric room sizes
  • Furniture layouts
  • Can be colour enhanced for Planning applications
  • Can be colour enhanced for Sales purposes
  • Can be transferred to create street scene.


We create house type working drawings that …..

  • Are clear and well presented
  • Embrace Health and Safety issues
  • Are considerate to the workforce
  • Embrace lean construction
  • Are fully comprehensive to all all trades
  • Respect our clients specification and budgets
  • Cross reference to Standard Details


  • Fully annotated and specified standard details
  • promote ease of build
  • reflect good building practice
  • reflect Health and Safety legislation
  • cross reference with house type working drawings


  • Conveyance data is embedded in the CAD Layout at and early stage.
  • Tabs are used to create the Master Deed Plan for Land Registry and legal matters
  • Sub tabs are used to create individual Plot Plans to support the legal conveyance process
  • Plans are annotated to reflect the terms and key referred to in the legal documents
  • Available at an early stage to enable your Sales team identify ownership with customers during the sales process.


  • We prepare block assembly drawings indicating the true juxtaposition of units in plan and evaluational forms.
  • These can be used to support the planning application as part of the street scene
  • Block assembly drawings provide for ease of build on site
  • Block assembly drawing can be used as a Sales tool